TikTok launches new cyber safety tips

  • TikTok has outlined five key rules for online safety.
  • These were created in conjunction with various partner advisers.
  • They are also developing a new cybersecurity toolkit for families to help encourage online safety.
  • They also refer to their New User Guide for in-depth notes on how to use TikTok safely.
  • Check out our TikTok Safety Card.
  • You can read the full story on the Social Media Today’s website.

Report finds LGBTQ+ child sexual abuse survivors are being blamed for their own abuse

  • The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse published a report on LGBTQ+ survivors which revealed they are often blamed for their own abuse.
  • The report found that survivors are often told they brought the abuse upon themselves.
  • The report highlighted that LGBTQ+ children face specific challenges which make them “more vulnerable” to child sexual abuse.
  • You can read the full story on the Pink News website.

TikTok scammers tempt with get-rich-quick scams

  • Growing numbers of everyday TikTok users are being faced with TikTok scammers, who attempt to seize a huge audience for get-rich-quick scams.
  • There are specifically growing concerns that users are being lured across from financial advice videos to fraudulent money-making schemes.
  • A user who posts financial education videos has found her comments to be spammed with imitation accounts, cloning her profile picture and choosing a username as close as possible.
  • They then private message users promising rewards of thousands of pounds.
  • You can read the full story on the Telegraph’s website.

Teenage girl traumatised after police strip-search

  • A mother has spoken out and said her 15-year-old daughter was strip-searched and left traumatised by the incident, later attempting suicide.
  • This case follows that of Child Q, who was strip-searched at school after she was wrongly accused of possessing drugs.
  • Olivia* is mixed race and autistic and was handcuffed and had her underwear cut off in the presence of male officers.
  • She was searched this way following herself and her friends being involved in an argument with two boys.
  • You can read the full story on the BBC’s website.