New WhatsApp feature allows users to secretly leave groups

  • A new feature that allows WhatsApp users to leave group chats without other users noticing is in beta testing.
  • There is no confirmed date of its release, but users may have early access of it by becoming a ‘Beta Tester’.
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Snap Maps release new ‘Meet Up’ feature

  • Young people and parents have taken to social media to voice concerns over this new Snapchat feature.
  • The ‘Meet Up’ features allows users to get precise directions to another locations personal location, including their full home address.
  • This feature links to third party platforms, such as Google and Apple Maps.
  • For more information, go to our article on this new feature at the Ineqe website.

Mental health difficulties are impacting almost half of UK university students

  • In a survey by charity Humen, nearly half of UK university students feel that their mental health difficulties are impacting their university experience.
  • Research showed 57% of students have used mental health services provided by their university.
  • Only 4% of staff received ‘adequate training’ in dealing with student’s mental health difficulties.
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Student requests for hardship funding tripled over the Pandemic

  • The number of students applying for emergency funds nearly tripled between 2018-2019 and 2020-21 at 95 universities.
  • According to the BBC, students could not afford rent as bar and retail work was difficult to find during the height of the Pandemic.
  • An average of 3 out of every 4 students applying for funds were successful.
  • Visit the BBC website for more information.

Dedicated suite for children and young people who have suffered sexual abuse opens in West Bridgeford

  • The new suite which allows children to be interviewed in a hospital environment opened on the 29th of June.
  • The suite includes a family room, examination room and interview room.
  • Previously, children and young people would have had to appear in their local police station, which may have caused more distress.
  • The suite has been designed to be a safe space for children and young people.
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