Children ‘safer online now than a year ago’

  • The Information Commissioner has said children online are better protected than they were a year ago.
  • This comes after they marked the first anniversary of the Age-Appropriate Design Code.
  • The Children’s Code put in new data protection measures for online services which may be accessed by children.
  • Read more about the Age-Appropriate Design Code on the Independent’s website.

Twitter launches testing of tweet editing

  • Today, Twitter has launched the first stage of live testing for tweet editing.
  • Edited tweets will include a note at the bottom to say the tweet has been edited.
  • All users are able to access the tweet edit history by selecting the pencil icon.
  • The testing will be expanded to Twitter Blue subscribers ‘in the coming weeks’.
  • Find out more on Social Media Today’s website.

Microsoft confirms new XBox Game Pass Friends and Family plan

  • Microsoft has confirmed their plans to release an XBox Game Pass Friends and Family.
  • Pricing has been released in Ireland at €21.99, but there is no confirmed pricing for the UK.
  • The new plan will allow five friends or family members to benefit from playing games.
  • Read more on the Verge’s website.

A quarter of children referred to mental health services have suicidal thoughts

  • Research from the University of Stirling has found a quarter of children in Scotland referred to mental health services have been thinking about or attempted suicide.
  • In addition to this, a third of these were under the age of 12.
  • Researchers state that this highlights a vital opportunity for early intervention.
  • They also highlight the significant disparity in the response of health boards to children referred for suicidality.
  • Read the full story on The National’s website.