Roblox is ready to grow up

  • Roblox is announcing plans to add age guidelines to its games, expand its revenue streams and appeal to an older audience.
  • Games will be rated in three tiers: all ages, 9 years and up and 13 and up. There will be no ‘R-rated content’.
  • The CEO of Roblox commented ‘“When we got started out, the majority of the people on our platform were under 13. We’ve crossed a huge threshold now where the majority are over 13.’
  • For more on this story, please visit the Verge website.

YouTube launches an ad-free video player for education

  • YouTube is introducing new features for creators and institutions for educational content.
  • They are launching an embeddable video player for education apps which will remove ads, external links and recommendations so young people can avoid distractions.
  • This follows YouTube’s recommendation algorithm facing scrutiny for serving up extreme content and misinformation.
  • Read about the new features on the Verge website. 

Addiction to Facebook and Instagram among teenagers is linked to inequality

  • The ‘Information, Communication and Society’ journal published findings highlighting that teenagers from underprivileged homes are more likely to report an addiction to Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and other social media.
  • The results revealed a connection between economic disparity and an unsatisfactory usage of social networking sites.
  • This is exacerbated in schools with financial and social divides between students.
  • Find out more on the Business Standard’s website.