Cake stories, #storytime and other misleading content

  • Using vague hashtags or titles, misleading content is advertising itself as one thing but features something else.
  • On TikTok, cake stories are videos of cake baking or decorating accompanied by the creator narrating an unrelated story.
  • These can include relationship or true crime stories taken from reddit and are often inappropriate for children.
  • Other formats of this type of ‘hidden’ or misleading content can take the form in beauty tutorials, video games or animated videos.
  • For more information and advice, visit the Internet Matters website.

Boys experience body dissatisfaction but struggle to talk about it

  • Psychologist Charlotte Markey has highlighted how the majority of boys are dissatisfied with their bodies.
  • A recent study suggests that boys as young as six already believe that muscles make boys look better, and another found that 11% of boys admitted to using supplements or steroids to help gain muscle.
  • Doctor Markey suggests that TikTok seems to encourage these maladaptive body image behaviours by popularising trends such as “dry scooping” protein powder (without dissolving the supplement in water first as instructed).
  • For more on this, please go to the Psychology Today website.



Yubo announces release of age estimation for all users

  • In partnership with Yoti, Yubo has announced that their age estimation and verification feature will be available to all users.
  • Only users aged 13 and over can use the app, and minors using the app are separated from adult users.
  • This is part of Yubo’s plans to make the platform as safe as possible for young people.
  • For more on this, visit the Tech Crunch website.