Instagram works on feature to protect users from unsolicited nude photos

  • Meta, Instagram’s parent company, has confirmed that a feature to protect users from unsolicited nude photos is in development after an app researcher posted an early image of the tool.
  • This feature will be optional and will help people shield themselves from nude images and other unwanted messages.
  • A study has revealed that Instagram’s current filtering tools fail to act upon 90% of image abuse sent to high-profile women.
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Cannabis sweets ‘marketed at children’ being widely sold on social media

  • A Sky News investigation found that “edibles” are sold alongside heroin and cocaine online.
  • Being sold and promoted on social media such as Instagram and TikTok, the drugs are sold in packaging similar to that of Haribo or Skittles meant to attract children.
  • At least six children have been hospitalised in the UK recently due to eating cannabis sweets, one child aged only eight years old.
  • For more on this, please visit the Sky News website.

Millions of children regularly suffer poor mental health, survey claims

  • A poll of 1,000 teenagers found 31 per cent had struggled with their mental health, feeling that way for an average of more than two years.
  • It also emerged the average teen felt anxious for the equivalent of nine days each month.
  • 89 per cent of those who had struggled with their mental health needed help but were not sure how to access support.
  • For more on this study, please go to the Independent website.