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February 15, 2023

Two teenagers charged with murder of Brianna Ghey

  • Two 15-year-olds have been charged with the murder of transgender teenager Brianna Ghey.
  • Detectives initially investigating the case said there was no evidence to suggest that the crime was “hate-related”.
  • Cheshire police later stated they were looking at whether the stabbing was carried out as a hate crime.
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Omegle: Suing the website that matched me with my abuser

  • M vs Omegle is a case that could pave the way for being the first time a tech platform is on trial for the way it has been built.
  • The legal team involved argues that Omegle became a “hunting ground” for predators due to its random matching system, lack of warnings or age verification.
  • This case could force changes to the design of Omegle and compensate the victim taking Omegle to court for the production of CSAM.
  • Omegle could also face legal action in the UK if the Online Safety Bill is passed.
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Wales funds push for digital learning in further educations

  • The Welsh Government have announced an additional £8 million in funding to support digital learning in the Welsh education sector.
  • They hope that Further Education (FE) colleges respond to the fund and invest in equipment and infrastructure to support digital learning.
  • The Minister for Education hope to see FE at the edge of innovation and leading in creativity and collaboration.
  • Steps have been taken to begin using digital and IT services to innovate teaching practices across numerous subject areas including hair and beauty and performing arts.
  • Scott Morgan, Head of Digital Innovation and IT services at Bridgend college said there are many more exciting uses to be explored in the future.
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