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April 17, 2023

Rise in hate crime against people with disfigurements

  • Research from Changing Faces has found that the number of people with visible differences or disfigurements has risen.
  • 33% of people surveyed who have a visible difference said they had experienced a hate crime.
  • Hostile behaviour such as intimidation, staring and comments from others impacted almost half of people surveyed.
  • Changing Faces ambassador Adam Pearson has said that police across the UK “need to do more to encourage people with visible differences to report what’s happening to them.”
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NHS fails to treat 250,000 children with mental health problems

  • Research carried out by the House magazine has shown that a quarter of a million children in the UK with mental health problems have been deprived of help by the NHS.
  • Some trusts are failing to offer treatment to 60% of children and young people referred by GPs.
  • The research also revealed an effect of a postcode lottery, with spending per child four times higher in some parts of the country.
  • Average wait times for a first appointment vary by trust from 10 days to three years.
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Schools will be forced to tell parents if pupils change gender identity

  • New Government guidance which is yet to be finalised will advise schools on informing parents if pupils question their gender, start using a new name or wear a different uniform.
  • An exception will be enforced where it is believed the information could face harm at home.
  • The guidance will also state that children who change their identity will not be able to share shower or changing facilities with the opposite sex.
  • Those transitioning would also not be able to join certain contact sporting teams of the opposite sex.
  • This new guidance is set to be published in May 2023.
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