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May 19, 2023

OpenAI launches official ChatGPT app for iOS

  • OpenAI has announced the launch of an official iOS app to allow users to access ChatGPT on the go.
  • This comes months after the App store was filled with unofficial ChatGPT copycat apps.
  • The new app will be free to use, free from ads and allow for voice input.
  • It will initially be limited to US users.
  • For more, please visit the Tech Crunch website.

Extremism in chat rooms for gamers

  • A report by the NYU Stern Center for Business and Human Rights has highlighted the misogyny, racism and other extreme ideologies in some video game chat rooms.
  • The study argued people spreading hate speech or extreme views have a “far-reaching effect”.
  • Their study was conducted in five of the world’s major gaming markets, including the UK, and found 51% of those who played online reported encountering extremist statements in games that featured multiple players during the last year.
  • Among those surveyed, 15-20% under the age of 18 said they had seen statements supporting the idea that “the white race is superior to other races”, “a particular race or ethnicity should be expelled or eliminated” and “women are inferior”.
  • For the full story, please visit the NY Times website.

The following story is relevant to Wales only. 

Call for action following Lola James murder

  • Following the murder of two-year-old Lola James, a call has been made for action to be taken in her county, Pembrokeshire.
  • The infant died in hospital four days after a “sustained, deliberate and very violent attack” from Kyle Bevan.
  • Bevan was sentenced to life in prison for murder and her mother was sentenced to six years for allowing her death.
  • Councillor Huw Murphy asked what action is being taken and was told that a review into children’s welfare is being carried out by Pembrokeshire council.
  • The NSPCC stated that the review into Lola’s death must be robust in finding what more could have been done to protect her and understand how agencies can better work together to prevent future tragedies.
  • For more on this story, please visit the BBC News website.

The following story is relevant to England only. 

More children than ever are being home schooled in England

  • New data published by the Department for Education has shown that 116,300 children were in elective home education for a period over the 2021-22 school year.
  • 86,000 children were home schooled on one day this year.
  • Both figures are sharp increases on estimates by councils before the pandemic.
  • Local authorities have said there was a ‘compelling case’ for a national home school register and urge the government to revive plans that were included in the now-abandoned schools bill.
  • The chair of the ADCS education policy committee, Heather Sandy, has said that we need to know exactly how many children are being educated at home “to keep them safe” and “ensure they receive the education they deserve”.
  • For more, please visit the Guardian’s website.