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May 24, 2023

Teen arrested over TikTok ‘prank’ video showing man walking into strangers’ home

  • The 18-year-old was arrested after a number of TikTok videos of unwanted approaches were made to members of the public on the street or on transport.
  • One of the videos shows young people entering homes without permission, including a private home in Hackney, East London.
  • One video showed a man entering a home through an open front door while the owner was cleaning outside.
  • The man sat on the sofa before the resident approached him and asked him to leave.
  • The Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent James Conway stated he has not underestimated the upset and concern caused by the videos.
  • Mr Conway also reported that he hopes the investigation and arrest, will show how seriously the police are taking this investigation.
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Minister attacks Meta boss over Facebook message encryption plan

  • A government minister has attacked Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg for his “extraordinary moral choice” to roll out encryption in Facebook messages.
  • Security Minister Tom Tugendhat has said that Meta was allowing child abusers to “operate with impunity”.
  • Meta have stated that they would work with law enforcement and child safety experts as it deployed the technology.
  • The government argues that it is possible to provide tech solutions that mean the contents of encrypted messages can be scanned for child sexual abuse material.
  • Many experts have argued that the only way to do this would be to install software that would scan messages before they are sent.
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Ruth Perry supporters raise concerns at ‘positive’ meeting with minister

  • Ms Perry took her own life after learning that her school, Caversham Primary in Berkshire, would be downgraded from outstanding to inadequate by Ofsted.
  • Supports of Ruth Perry, held a three-hour meeting with Education Secretary Gillian Keegan, with the delegation having urged reform of the school inspection system.
  • An article by the British Medical Journal, documented at least eight other teachers having taken their lives in circumstances related to Ofsted inspections.
  • Gillian Keegan stated, “Ruth’s name will push forward for a more humane and more effective, fit-for-purpose inspection system for schools”.
  • Ms Perry’s sister has reported that another meeting with the secretary of state has been arranged.
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Children test apps for National Education Nature Park

  • An activity day backed by the Department for Education (DfE) has involved the use of mobile apps to map the emotions of children taking part in the National Education Nature Park Project.
  • A pilot of this tech took place last week in Manchester.
  • The Nature Park programme will digitally map the grounds of every school in England later this year.
  • The apps were created to introduce young children to the concepts of mapping and citizen science.
  • All education settings in England will be able to sign up to become part of the National Education Nature Park and work towards the Climate Action Awards through a new online platform due to launch in the Autumn term.
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