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June 22, 2023

Bumble is testing a separate BFF app for finding friends

  • Dating app Bumble is testing a separate app for friends in select countries, including the UK.
  • It is being advertised as an app to chat and make friends with new people.
  • The app will be free to use but will have in-app purchases like boosts for better profile visibility and super swipes.
  • It will also have premium subscriptions.
  • A spokesperson for Bumble told TechCrunch that BFF mode represents 15% of the main app’s monthly active users.
  • The company stated plans to release the app in the U.S. this year.
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Reddit says it’s ‘not acceptable’ for communities to go NSFW in protest

  • Reddit is cracking down on its latest community protest whereby users are switching to Not Safe For Work (NSFW).
  • Users have been protesting Reddit’s treatment of moderators and API pricing changes.
  • Reddit’s crackdown on the NSFW switch appears to be working, with many users switching back to Suitable For Work labels.
  • This follows messages from ModCodeofConduct warning users to separate their communities from the label or face disciplinary actions.
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‘Kids are set up to fail’: Parents protest ASN funding in schools

  • Parents of children with additional support needs (ASN) protested at the grounds of Holyrood, Scotland on Wednesday, calling for action for funding of resources for their children.
  • Campaigners say pupils and teachers are being failed by the lack of resources, which often means children are placed in mainstream education.
  • Labour’s shadow education secretary Pam Duncan-Glancy attended the protest, urging the Scottish Government to act on the calls from families.
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