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June 30, 2023

UK tightens plans for Online Safety Bill to stop children viewing pornography

  • Under the government’s latest amendments after debates in parliament, it will set higher standards for age verification tools used by services that publish or allow pornography on their platforms.
  • This is to ensure that they can effectively determine if the user is a child.
  • New measures will also seek to hold executives of tech companies responsible for keeping children safe on their platforms.
  • The Minister for tech and the digital economy Paul Scully has said that to ensure a better future for children, they are “acting robustly and with urgency to make the Online Safety Bill the global standard for protecting our children”.
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Girls are worried about being able to afford period products

  • According to research from the Girlguiding’s Attitudes Survey, cost of living concerns are taking a toll on young girls in the UK.
  • The survey asked 2,614 girls and young women between February and April about the impact financial concerns were having on them.
  • 40% of all girls aged between seven to 21, said they have heard their parents talk about cutting back and saving money on certain things.
  • 21% of 11- to 21-year-olds feel worried about not having money for period products or period pain medication.
  • Girlguiding chief executive, Angela Salt has said that this research shows how these concerns are impacting girls’ daily lives.
  • The full results of the survey, supported by the People’s Postcode Lottery will be released in September.
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Schools forced to take action in toilets due to child vaping

  • MPs have heard that some schools are having to switch off smoke detectors to prevent vaping setting off alarms during lessons and exams.
  • Laranya Caslin, the headteacher at St George’s Academy in Sleaford, reported that they have seen a significant increase in vaping.
  • Mrs Caslin stated that vape sensors that are bought on the market, are “not cheap” and that schools should be provided specific grants to buy them for their schools.
  • Concerningly, the committee also heard that doctors have said there are children with asthma, unable to use the school toilets due to vaping triggering attacks.
  • Dr Helen Stewart, officer for health improvement at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), stated that they would support vaping being included in the legislation that bans tobacco smoking in public areas.
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