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November 16, 2023

Meta calls for parental control laws for under-16s

  • Meta has called for laws that would force app stores to get parental approval when a child downloads an app.
  • The proposal would put app stores, like those run by Apple and Google, on the hook for implementing parental controls – rather than social media companies.
  • The firm’s safety chief called for a “simple, industry-wide solution” to govern children’s social media use.
  • Meta’s global head of safety, Antigone Davis reported: “Parents should approve their teen’s app downloads, and we support federal legislation that requires app stores to get parents’ approval whenever their teens under 16 download apps,”
  • Ms Davis also said that placing the responsibility for parental controls on app stores would “help to preserve privacy” by limiting how many individual companies collected “potentially sensitive identifying information”.
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Sextortion: ‘I sent a nude and was blackmailed for money’

  • A 15-year-old boy said he feared his life would be ruined after falling victim to a sextortion scam.
  • He was sent intimate photographs of a girl he thought he was speaking to online and sent nude pictures in return.
  • Scammers then asked him for money and threatened to leak the images online.
  • Police have warned teenage lives could be lost due to the rising number of sextortion cases.
  • According to North Wales Police, anyone can be a victim, typically teenage boys who are targeted with some as young as 13.
  • Hayley Laskey from the Revenge Porn Helpline stated: “We need to take the stigma away of victim blaming. It’s not your fault, it’s theirs.”
  • For more on the article, please visit the BBC News website.
  • For more information you can visit INEQE’s Protecting Young People from Sextortion article.

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‘Crippling’ childcare costs are putting parents off having more children, Oxfam report finds

  • Oxfam Cymru have released a report stating that the “crippling” childcare costs are forcing Welsh parents into poverty.
  • The report found that 27% of parents are spending over £900 a month on childcare costs, and 43% reporting they haven’t been able to pay other essential costs after paying for childcare.
  • The report says the lack of Welsh Government funded childcare provision is part of the issue.
  • The Welsh Government say the scheme is “successful”, provides “high quality childcare” and that “addressing child poverty is an absolute priority”.
  • They are “continuing to invest £70m in this sector” and stress that their childcare offer is more generous than England’s.
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