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February 13, 2024

X will soon let advertisers run ads next to a “curated list” of creators

  • X has announced that advertisers will be able to run advertisements next to certain content creators.
  • This move will ensure that advertisements do not run next to controversial or offensive content.
  • X plans to add the ability for brands to serve ads only on an individual creator’s profile, eliminating the chance of their ads appearing next to controversial posts.
  • For more, please visit the Tech Crunch website.

TikTok: Teens educating themselves on skincare trends

  • A 13-year-old is using social media to educate herself on the best skincare products.
  • Skincare expert Caroline Hirons said it was “fantastic” that children were making “an informed, educated choice.”
  • It comes after the British Association for Dermatologists warned potentially harmful active ingredients found in products made for adults can provoke allergies in younger skin.
  • For more, please visit the BBC News website.

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WhatsApp image sender becomes first convicted cyber-flasher

  • A registered sex offender has become the first person in England and Wales convicted of cyber-flashing.
  • The offence was brought in under the Online Safety Act and came into effect on 31st January 2024.
  • Sefer Mani, of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in the East of England, stressed that everyone should feel safe and not be subjected to receiving unwanted sexual images.
  • For more, please visit the BBC News website.