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March 11, 2024

Warning over use in UK of unregulated AI chatbots to create social care plans 

  • A pilot study by the University of Oxford found some care providers had been using generative AI chatbots to create care plans for people receiving care.
  • Dr Caroline Green, an early career research fellow at the Institute for Ethics in AI at Oxford, stated the use of AI in this way presents a potential risk to patient confidentiality.
  • She reported that carers might act on faulty or biased information and inadvertently cause harm, and an AI-generated care plan might be substandard.
  • For more, please visit The Guardian website.

TikTok calls on US users to oppose latest proposal to ban app 

  • TikTok is calling on US users to lobby the government after the latest news by US lawmakers to ban the app.
  • The proposal stems from concerns that TikTok is providing US user data to the Chinese government.
  • TikTok says that the proposed bill is in violation of the First Amendment.
  • For more, please visit the Social Media Today website.

Mark Zuckerberg warns against taking screenshot of your Facebook Messenger chats 

  • Mark Zuckerberg has issued a warning to users of Facebook Messenger who screenshot their chats.
  • He reported in a post on Friday that an update to Messenger would notify users if an image of their chat has been captured by another person, as well as an update for end-to-end encrypted Messenger chats so you get a notification if someone screenshots a disappearing message.
  • The announcement follows an update to Facebook Messenger which allows people to set their messages to disappear.
  • For more, please visit the Yahoo News website.

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Dispersal orders ‘not fair’ on young people who bear the brunt of them 

  • Dispersal orders, which particularly impact young people, have been used about 2,000 times a year since they were introduced.
  • Research by organisations such as the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies found younger people were far more likely to be subjected to these orders.
  • Former Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield said the increasing use was a “potentially dangerous and damaging approach for young people and the community as a whole”.
  • For more, please visit the BBC News website.

Crown Prosecution Service lawyers trivialise teen sexual abuse, report says 

  • According to an official examination into how the CPS deals with serious sexual crimes, it found that in England and Wales, it trivialised teen sexual abuse.
  • The report also states the CPS is “obsessed” about the credibility of rape victims and used victim-blaming language.
  • It warns of a reliance on “new myths” about modern sexual practices, and says mental health is still acting as a barrier to victims receiving justice.
  • For more, please visit the Yahoo News website.