Zurich Municipal is a leading provider of risk and insurance solutions to the UK’s public services.

The Safer Schools Ecosystem is provided at no additional cost to eligible schools who hold their full package of insurance with our partners Zurich Municipal; who insure approximately 12,500 schools in England, Scotland, Wales and The Isle of Man.

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INEQE Safeguarding Group is a leading independent safeguarding organisation based in the UK. Over 250 years of safeguarding expertise is brought together with the brilliance of advanced software development to deliver safeguarding solutions to a wide spectrum of clients including from public and private sectors across the UK, Ireland and beyond.

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Our award-winning Safeguarding Ecosystem has been created to educate, empower, and protect your entire school community in a digital world. It is made up of services which has been designed to complement each other, working in conjunction to support and reinforce a safeguarding first culture for your entire school community.

These services include:

The Safer Schools Ecosystem is at no additional cost for schools and local authorities that hold their full package of insurance with our partners Zurich Municipal.

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No, Safer Schools is for everyone in the school community, teachers, parents, and pupils. We believe that safeguarding works best when it’s an entire school community approach.

For Parents:

  • Find credible advise on contemporary issues facing families today, such as harmful content, image sharing, mental health, consent and gaming.
  • Everything is kept in one handy place right in your pocket, 24/7 – your child’s homework, safeguarding information, school updates and more.
  • Receive updates straight to your phone that will keep you informed on the latest online safeguarding news, threats, and advice.
  • Keep up to speed with the latest games, social media trends, apps, and websites that children and young people are visiting.

For Pupils:

  • Find practical advice on the topics and experiences that you have both online and offline, including the latest trends, apps, games, and social media platforms that you and your friends are using.
  • Find out what to do when you see something online that upsets or worries you, or when you’re struggling with an issue, including knowing who to talk to and how you can seek further support.
  • Feel empowered that your safety is in your hands, and you’re part of your school’s efforts to keep you and your friends safer on and offline.

For Staff:

  • Communicate Announcements and news directly with the school community with Push Notifications, Noticeboards and News Builder functions.
  • Receive regional safeguarding information and news.
  • Gain CPD certifications with in-App training courses such as Safeguarding level 1 and 3, Mental Health Awareness and Youth Produced Imagery (Staff roles only)
  • Customise your App for your school, with your school’s branding, logos and photographs, plus integrated calendars, social media channels and more.
  • Know that your staff teams are participating in regular safeguarding training and kept up to date with current online safety risks, trends, and threats.

If your school has a full package of insurance with our partners Zurich Municipal, then your school is eligible for Safer Schools at no additional cost.

Find out if you are eligible by registering for Safer Schools today.

While you may not be an existing Zurich Municipal customer there are many cost saving benefits of being one that includes Safer Schools.

We strongly encourage schools and local authorities who are due an insurance policy renewal to consider contacting our partners at Zurich Municipal who would be delighted to hear from you, contact them by:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 01252 387043

If this is not an option for your school or local authority currently, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Ineqe Safeguarding Group to discuss your safeguarding needs.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +44 (0) 2890 232 060

The Safer Schools App is your school’s complete digital safeguarding, communication, and training toolkit.

The Safer Schools App is an award-winning safeguarding resource, developed in partnership between Zurich Municipal and Ineqe Safeguarding Group, that helps entire school communities to better protect themselves in the Digital World, through delivering contemporary and contextual safeguarding information to teachers, pupils, parents and carers.

Key features of your customised Safer Schools App will include:

  • Your schools’ brand colours, logo, and up to 5 customisable carousel images
  • Integration of your school news, calendar, policies, and social media channels
  • Integration of popular educational platforms such as Google Classroom, Class Dojo and Read Write Inc, all of which can be turned on or off as required.
  • Push Notification capabilities to designated roles.
  • Digital Noticeboards and custom article creation tools.
  • Simple Survey sharing.
  • Anonymous reporting of Safeguarding Concerns.
  • Age-appropriate signposting for safeguarding and wellbeing support.
  • Safeguarding Updates, Warnings and Alerts.
  • Certified Professional Development courses for school staff.
  • To find out more about The Safer Schools App for your region, select the region specific to you England, Scotland, Wales or Isle of Man.
  • Registering for Safer Schools is simple. Click here and complete the registration form. This should be completed by someone authorised on behalf of the school or local authority.
  • Alternatively, click here and select an additional service you would like to register for. These all come at no additional costs if you hold your full package of insurance with Zurich Municipal.
  • You can contact the Safer Schools team via:

    Phone - Our dedicated team are on hand to answer any queries you may have over the phone on +44 (0) 2896 005 777.

    Email - We can answer any questions via email: [email protected].

    Online Chat – visit the chat on our website at www.oursaferschools.co.uk