Whether you’re a teacher, a safeguarding professional or a parent or carer, we know that your time is a precious commodity and that even with the best intentions, it can be difficult to schedule new objectives into daily life.

However, in our children and young people’s blended online and offline lives, digital safeguarding needs to be prioritised inside and outside of the classroom.

With our digital store of safeguarding materials, you’ll have ready-made resources that are good to go, saving you the time and energy on sourcing or creating your own. Plus, you’ll be assured in knowing that that our resources are always up to date, topical, and expertly written and designed.

To help you build a better, safer school community, school staff, parents, and carers will all have complimentary access to our Teach and Home Learning Hubs: our educational resources of lesson plans, crib notes, PowerPoint presentations, animations, activity sheets, and shareables.

Resource topics include:

  • Trusted Adults
  • Passwords
  • Bullying
  • Image Sharing
  • Influencers
  • Fake News
  • Many more

These educational resources are complimentary and can be accessed upon your school’s registration for Safer Schools.

School staff, parents, and carers will have complimentary access to our wealth of resources that are available on our Teach and Home Learning Hubs.

Teach Hub

Our Teach Hub is a free library of resources created for teachers by teachers, specifically designed for teaching in your classroom. You will find age-appropriate lessons on topics affecting children and young people today. Each lesson contains a PowerPoint with animations, crib notes, interactive activities, and worksheets.

Upon registration for Safer Schools, your school will receive a Teach Hub licence key, giving you access to all the resources.

Home Learning Hub

Our Home Learning Hub is a free library of resources to support parents and carers to help their children and young people be safer online. The downloadable resources are designed to educate and facilitate conversations on topics that can be tricky or tough to talk about. You will also find activity packs, like our Family Screen Time Pack, that are full of fun family activities.

Our resources come in a range of formats so that, no matter how your child or young person learns best, we have the tool to help you teach them in a way that works for them, and for you. You’ll find lesson plans, crib notes, PowerPoint presentations, animations, activity sheets, and shareables.    

Resources Benefits 

  • Get access to educational resources that are current, expertly curated and complimentary upon registration.
  • Find resources in a format that work for you, from lesson plans to PowerPoint presentations, animations, shareables and much more.
  • Take safeguarding education from the classroom to the dining room table, with resources designed for the whole school community.